Justin Nudell

Tattoo Artist, Owner


Greetings, my name is Justin Nudell, and I am a tattoo artist and the owner of Zoltar Tattoo. I specialize in color where my go to styles are New School and Neo Traditional, or a unique mash up of the two. My work is known for its high saturation, bright, and bold color combinations. Color bombing, if you will. I’m at my best when I’m allowed artistic freedom with my clients’ ideas.

When it comes to art, I’ve always taken “a weirder is better” approach. I tend to think outside the box which leads my work to be original and unexpected. Floral, cartoons, portraits, wildlife, pop culture, and magic shit are some of the categories I enjoy tattooing. If my portfolio speaks to you, don’t hesitate to reach out.

I work by appointment only and typically book out about 6 months ahead. Let’s get weird.

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