About Us

Justin, Kellie, and Adam have been working together for over 4 years.  During that time a unique bond was formed that led to an even more unique home for them, Zoltar Tattoo.  Zoltar was opened in August 2020.

Each artist has a joy and passion for the craft and works to hone their own style.  They strive to give their clientele an unforgettable and interesting experience while in their establishment.  Each artist may have their own unique style, but can rise to any challenge to create custom work for their clients.

Zoltar has a fun and friendly atmosphere that makes clients feel at home.  Lots of laughs are shared by all with the open floor arrangement in the procedure area.  Privacy walls are always available for tattoos in more vulnerable placements.  The artists at Zoltar like to share the fun with other talented tattoo artists that they’ve befriended over the years. 

Follow them on Instagram @zoltartattoo to see which artists are coming to visit and when, what conventions they plan to attend, and to keep up with shop updates and recent works by the artists.  Thank you for looking them up!  Contact them to get started on your next permanent addition!