Kellie Sieg Otto

Tattoo Artist


Hello there, my name is Kellie Sieg Otto.  I grew up in a little town in the rural plains of North Dakota.  Our town was so small that my graduating class only had eight students! Now, because it was so small, I spent a lot of time using my imagination.  I either had a pencil in my hand or my nose in a book.  That creativity lead me to MSUM, where I sought an Art education which later came in handy when I followed my heart and pursued a career in the Tattoo industry. Under Justin’s tutelage, I became a full tattoo artist in November of 2015. 

As I’ve grown as an artist, I’ve begun to enjoy working in certain styles which include but are not limited to black and gray realism and illustrations, portraits, lady heads, and floral work.  When I’m not tattooing or drawing, I have various pursuits such as reading, gardening, cooking, and traveling.

I share my life and hobbies with my husband Luke and our two cats, Grrta and Bagheera.

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